Lord Ganesha worship is a regular part of life. He is worshiped daily anytime, but you should worship Lord Ganesh in the place that is quiet without noisy to get mental peace or at night time or at dawn

Prepare all sacrifices (water , milk , fruits , dessert) put them all in front of the Ganesh
Put the flowers or garland in front of the Ganesh or hang around the hands or the weapons of the Ganesh
Begin your Puja by lighting incense sticks , candle or frankincense respectively
Pray ‘Om Shri Ganesh Yamaha’ 8 times with respect or praying other praises you may know of the Lord Ganesh
Consecrate fire or the sun hit the lights by using a cotton ball moistened with oil. If this is not convenient to bring light, use candles or camphor to bring a plate, then set on fire. raise a circular rotation Clockwise 3 times in front of the Ganesh. Then, use the palm touch your forehead to get a light to the spirit and intelligence. Touch your eyes or mouth and ear to listen to what is good. Open your eyes to see opportunities and open his mouth to say something nice. touch any other sickness area of your body.
Make a wish. Pray ‘Om Shanti Shanti’ when the prayer was finished for the peace to come.

How to leave the sacrifices
For the candles, you can extinguish candles by yourself
For incense sticks or frankincense, you have to wait until them burn out then leave the sacrifices

Bring all sacrifices touch your forehead and pray ‘Om’ to leave the sacrifices.
For water, you can use for cleaning your face or touch tour forehead for the Good Luck
For the milk, you can drink
For fruits and dessert, arrange them in the plate and offer all to those who do attended the Puja as an ambrosia

(Do not eat the dessert on the tray that used to worship)

Clean all wares and keep in the special place

Preparing sacrifices (If you do not have sacrifices , you can pray with respect or donation)

Wares-separate wares that will use to worship the Ganesh. Do not use with other wares.

Sacrifices: water , Fruits , Milk and desserts

Strictly Separate a bottle of water and a glass that will be used to worship the Ganesh

Fruits-use seasonal fruits such as banana , sugar crane , Chinese Pear , Coconut , Rose apple etc.

Desserts-arrange desserts that made of flavor and sugar on the tray (Do not use desserts that has an ingredient of meat even eegs.)

Milk-Use small box of fresh milk , Open and offer the Ganesh

***Other sacrifices ; Cereal Crops , Rice , Brown Rice , Salt , Sugar , Peppers , Peas , Sesame , Poppy , Tea leaves , Fresh Coffee bean , Eggplant , Croton , Basil leaves , Spices , Fresh vegetable and Fresh Fruits

3. Flower, Incense sticks , Luminary , Frankincense
Incense sticks- Depending on your convenience
Luminary-Use oil lamps , Light by putting on the left and right hand side.

Do not offer any food , meats and Alcohol
Wares-prepare wares for worshipping the Ganesh only , wash after finished worshipping , separate from other wares. Do not use in other events.
Do not offer raw fruits. Offer fruits that we can eat for examples, if we eat ripe banana, offer ripe banana
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